Partials and Complete Dentures

Whether you are missing a few teeth or you need full dentures, at Sierra Dental Care in Santa Clarita, our experienced Doctors can design and make affordable removable partials and dentures to restore your smile. Partials are a great option for patients that are missing several teeth and may not be candidates for Implants. We offer Vitalium partials as well as Valplast metal free flexible partials depending on your needs. You no longer need to be embarrassed if you are missing teeth. Partials are an efficient and affordable appliance to replace multiple teeth and improve not only your speech and smile but restore your confidence!

Our custom Dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth giving you the ability to eat better, smile with confidence and improve your facial structure all at the same time. Our expert Doctors can discuss implants in addition to Dentures to give you added retention and function.

Dentures may be the best option for patients seeking an affordable solution that doesn't require surgery. At Sierra Dental Care, we offer partial dentures for patients who still have some natural teeth remaining and complete dentures for patients who need to restore an entire arch. All of our dentures are customized to match the appearance of your natural teeth and fit comfortably over your gums. If you want a restoration that's more stable and non-removable, we can anchor a partial or complete denture to your jaw with multiple dental implants. This offers better protection for your health and longer-lasting results.

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